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Tips for a Successful Portrait

If you are nervous about having your portrait taken, remember the photographer is there to put you at ease and will make this painless as possible. Be ready to smile!


You look your best in the morning, so try to schedule your appointment during that time.


Dress as though you were making presentation to your most important prospective client. Wear a jacket of solid color, a medium or darker shade (deep grays or navy blues preferred). Classic styles are best. Coordinate your barber or hairdresser appointment before your appointment session but remember, a fresh haircut may need up to 2 weeks to grow out.

DON'T WEAR dark lenses, stripes, patterns, plaids or any GREEN.


Be sure to wear a freshly pressed, good -fitting WHITE shirt. Pay extra attention to your collar, make sure it fits and is wrinkle free. Five o'clock shadows will show, so if you must schedule an afternoon appointment, we recommend a fresh shave beforehand.


A WHITE blouse and dark jacket are recommended. Be conservative in your choice of jewelry. For example, a string of pearls or modest necklace with matching earrings is effective. Proper make-up can enhance your portrait. As a rule you can wear a bit more make-up than usual.